To advocate for and foster the safety and well-being of youth at risk, so they may lead productive lives.

Core Values
Empowerment, A Voice, Connections

Alaska Youth Advocates (AYA) offers the chance for a healthier life to young people who have little or no family support, often have quit school, may suffer from abuse or addiction, and have no place to go but the streets. Through the POWER Teen Center in midtown Anchorage, AYA reaches out to youth, offering a caring environment and information that can help them make good decisions in their lives. At AYA young people who have overcome their own challenges learn how to help others by becoming peer outreach workers.

AYA forms partnerships with other organizations to increase the opportunity of success for youth. What AYA doesn’t provide, others often do. This approach keeps AYA focused on its core purpose and values and stretches resources. AYA becomes the bridge between a troubled and neglected teen and a better life.