For Adults

AYA combines street outreach and prevention based presentations with its youth center and clinic to be sure whatever help a young person needs is within easy reach. In many cases, AYA will help young people connect with other organizations that are also there to help.

Everyone at AYA wants to equip young people to make decisions that will lead to productive lives. It’s up to the young person to decide what that life will be. Is it stable housing? College? Trade school? Military service? A job? The vision belongs to the young person – finding the way to achieve it is where we try to help. We’re advocates for youth and their healthy choices.

POWER (Peer Outreach Worker Education and Referral) Programs

Teen Center: The Teen Center/Clinic is a center run by teens for teens with professional staff backing the outreach workers. Together they create a safe place where youth can receive health care, visit with one another in a relaxed environment, and learn about safer ways to live. No one makes judgments – the only goal is to help.

Outreach: In 1992, the street outreach program started with a peer outreach approach utilizing the experience of at risk and homeless youth 13-19 years old. Youth were hired and proved to be the most effective in reaching out to other youth. Peer outreach workers are able to provide a connection and support in a unique way that feels more authentic and real to youth on the street.

Youth Volunteer Opportunities: Youth choose to volunteer for many reasons. Youth may have a requirement for school or legal reasons, need to build their resume, or may just want to give back and help others. Whatever the reason maybe, we are here to meet that need.

Peer Education:  Through the common experience of adolescents, the peer to peer approach can reduce barriers between teacher and student. Youth listen to youth. In teams of two, peer outreach workers present single session one hour prevention based groups as well as the 12-modual AKPHAT (Alaska Promoting Health Among Teens) curriculum.

Peer Education Guidebook: The Alaska Peer Education Guidebook was informed by Alaska Youth Advocates peer education program experience since 1992, site visits to the other grantee programs, and research on national and international peer education programs, theories, and strategies.